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We aim to be among the most trusted resources for those seeking information and support in relation to cancer prevention.

Community awareness and education programmes – implemented to increase knowledge cancer prevention. This is done through the organisation of events, seminars and workshops, which are delivered by a team of doctors who travel around the Leicester to raise awareness of the importance cancer prevention. 

Physical activity program: We run wide range of physical activity sessions such as yoga, aerobics, zumba fitness and toning across Leicester community centres.

Please email us for details at enquires@livecancerfree.org.uk for further details. 

Healthy eating program:  we run healthy eating work shop across Leicester community centres with a practical demonstration of healthy recipes, and discussion on good nutrition to support wellness.

Please email us at enquires@livecancerfree.org.uk for further details. 

Why us? Our commitment to prevent cancer is reflected in everything we do. From the information we provide to the personal support services we do, we are confident that our services will not only help to reduce the number of cancer cases in the UK, but improve overall public health and wellbeing.

Got a question about cancer prevention? Visit our FAQ page or contact us today. 






CWePlease email us enquires@livecancerfree.org.uk for further details.